Sunday, October 08, 2006

number of days on Capitol Hill: 4
number of nights in Chicago: 1

This past week I got to attend a course on Congressional operations, actually held on Capitol Hill
and, in two of the sessions, actually held in a House or Senate committee hearing room.
Cool! V. interesting to learn about the deliberately-inefficient, anti-tyranny machine
that is the legislative branch.

Flight left DC late on the last day, so missed flight in Chicago.
But got to spend the night with family, which was fun.

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Michael S. McBeth said...


I finally got around to checking out the Blogs you set up. I am a real "Newbie" when it comes to these things so I am still figuring out how to navigate and use blogs.

I noticed on your profile that among your favorite books are anything by Michael Pollan or Barbara Tuchman.

Well I just finished re-reading "The Guns of August" earlier this spring---it was just as good on the second reading. Also, after listening to a radio interview of Michael Pollan about a year or so ago, I read his book "Botany of Desire." It really made me think about how humans interact with plants. I learned a lot about apples and potatos along the way as well.

It was good to see you at the Congressional Briefing Conference last week.