Saturday, September 02, 2006

Unconventional Leadership Books

"The Bad Popes" by E. R. Chamberlin.
As a lapsed Catholic, I do not feel guilty about learning about the history
of the Church even if it is less than flattering.
This is a fascinating and wittily-written history with many lessons
on what not to do as a leader.

"The March of Folly" by Barbara Tuchman.
There are so many good insights here that apply to our times now.

"Sorting Things Out" by Geoff Bowker and S. Leigh Star
This is about how organizations categorize things
(eg how WHO classifies diseases). It's a great reminder of the
political and social forces at work that define how we conceptualize
the world and how that shapes our processes and decisions.
I always think about these insights when dealing with categories
like "performance metrics" or "transition workforce".

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